Curated and Contracted Sites from Open Doors Management

Open Doors Management has originated the above identified real estate. This is our land portfolio for the energy transition. View the portfolio.

Open Doors will transfer site control to you making site acquisition less costly.  All meet rigorous tests for buildability, permitting, logistics, and on-site generation or energy storage. Contact us below for your site interest, availability and acquisition requirements.

If you require a site other than one in our portfolio, let’s discuss an Origination Services Agreement.

Since the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, specific emphasis is on the selection of sites within census tracts that are certain Energy Communities and Justice 40 tracts, communities of concern. These layers can be activated on the above map:


If you are interested in a specific site, please identify the Site Sequence Number and complete the form.

If you would like the Open Doors perspective on land and the energy transition, please request the report, “Energy is the Future of Real Estate, 2024 Edition”.

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