Open Doors Management acts as the Owner’s Representative (“Manager”) for landowners through the process of a Management Agreement.  Through this agreement, Open Doors will act in the interest of a landowner utilizing our expertise in the field to come up with the ideal solution for a landowner.  


Landowners with significant acreage have multiple options at their disposal in regard to whether or not they would like to move forward with Open Doors Management.


The First Option: Do Nothing

Landowners may be content with how they are utilizing their land, or they could be looking for a new use. They decision not to work with Open Doors is a reasonable one but can result in a loss of consistent, future income. 


The Second Option: Open Doors Management assists in leasing

Landowners are often not sure if they would like to sell their land, and in that case,  it may be in the landowners best interest to lease the land.  Open Doors Management is led by a well-connected staff who can provide the landowner with a long-term lessee.  Allowing Open Doors to assist in the procedure of attaining a lessee is also in the best interest of the landowner as it decreases the risk of a bad lease and lessor negatively impacting a landowner over the long term.


The Third Option: Open Doors Management assists in selling

In this option, a landowner will sell their land.  Whether the land has been used for farm crops or raising cattle, Open Doors can connect landowners to qualified buyers with good intentions to purchase the land.  Similar to the leasing option, Open Doors Management has the expertise through the right connections and experience in deals of this nature to protect a landowner from making a costly mistake.


The Fourth Option: Open Doors Management assists in self developing

If the landowner has capital, time and exposure to the development process, he/she is a candidate to develop a clean energy income-producing asset on the property. Open Doors Management is extremely qualified to help the Do-It-Yourself landowner with this option making the right choices about whom to outsource key tasks for permitting, engineering, procurement, financing and, most importantly, the sale of energy.


Regardless of the option, Open Doors Management is here to assist landowners and offer a form of risk management and insurance protection throughout the transition of generating new uses for large plots of land.  Through an Agency Agreement, a landowner and Open Doors will be legally bound.  This means for a specified period of time, Open Doors will solely represent a landowner and their land in their interest.


What Is Your Land’s Potential?

Open Doors Management can assist a landowner in increasing the profitability of their land.  Open Doors would bridge the gap between landowner and solar developer.  Bridging this gap would be the first step in bringing a solar farm or other energy facility to your land.  Your land could be valued at the rate it would be producing if you continued to use it the way you are currently using it, whether that is farming or nothing at all.  

The land is also worth a considerable amount more to a solar developer through the option of selling it to them.  The option to lease is also attractive to a solar developer, but the distribution of money after development is something to consider as the landowner would  simply be making money on the lease, not the solar energy revenue.  If you are looking to do a lease, this is something to consider. Make sure you hire an agent like Open Doors or know exactly what you are doing to ensure you’re getting the most out of your land’s potential


Utilize Our Expertise

Open Doors Management is led by Lane Sharman.  Lane has experience with large scale solar farm projects.  It was from one of these large scale projects Lane realized he wanted to narrow in from the entire process of developing a solar farm to just working as an intermediary assisting landowners in the process of moving from land to energy producer.  


Through the case study on the website you can see memorandums and pictures of the largest solar farm development Lane has ever been a part of.  The farm is located in California (the solar capital of the world).  Along with Lane is Open Doors legal counsel and compliance officer, Jan Stubbs, who has experience negotiating on the same large scale solar development Lane worked on in California.  


Hire Open Doors Management as Your Manager
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