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For the land to generate your energy and run your plant.

Retail Electricity

Rates are rising everywhere while solar PV is hitting $0.25 per watt.

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The Inflation Reduction Act inside an Energy Community yielding a 50% Gift from the US Treasury Department in the form of an Investment Tax Credit.

The Proof

Can be found at a forward thinking management and ops team.

Apple’s New Maiden Data Center.
Read the Case Study.


Apple has a lock on forward thinking? Think again.


Represents a transformative approach for industrial manufacturers seeking to enhance their energy efficiency, reduce costs, promote sustainability and become resilient within the local community.

Behind-The-Meter energy generation allows manufacturers to directly eliminate their consumption from the grid and provide greater control over energy sources and costs.

At Open Doors Management, we specialize in helping industries harness the potential of self-generated renewable energy development. With our expertise, you can unlock the benefits of clean and efficient energy generation, making a positive impact on both your bottom line and the environment.

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