Gerdau Solar Project

Advancing Sustainable Manufacturing through Behind-the-Meter Solar Installation

200,000 MW of Solar Energy Generated Per Year

makes the Gerdau Steel Mill in Midlothian, Texas one of the largest installed behind-the-meter solar farms in the United States and serves as an exemplary model for industrial manufacturers considering the adoption of behind-the-meter generation.

The off-grid solar installation offers the steel mill price stability instead of volatility and generates enough renewable power to offset the emissions from all of Gerdau North America employees’ and contractors’ homes.

The Gerdau Steel Mill Now Takes Advantage off

Competitive rates

secured for the next 20 years the solar farm will provide power directly to the Midlothian steel mill, creating cost and energy consumption benefits.

80 MW

is sufficient to offset all emissions from the homes of Gerdau North America employees and contractors. It equals the emissions of 13,000 households.

Created 200 local jobs

and $19,000,000 in local tax revenue.