Bighorn Solar Project

 The World’s First Steel Mill Powered by Solar Power

In an Era of Environmental Consciousness and Economic Challenges

manufacturers are turning to Behind-The-Meter Generation. The Bighorn Solar Project in Pueblo, Colorado exemplifies this shift and stands as a prime example of a crucial strategy for industrial manufacturers to reduce emissions and increase their competitiveness.

EVRAZ North America Rocky Mountain Steel Mill Now Profits From

300 MW / 613,400 MWh of solar power per year

generated by over 750,000 solar panels on 1,800 acres of land.

90% of energy demand secured

433,770 metric tons of CO2 saved per year.


equivalent number of gasoline vehicles removed from the roads.


local jobs created.

Long-Term Price Certainty Secured

 by entering into a 20-year, fixed-rate Power Purchase Agreement with Bighorn Solar, the steel mill has access to affordable and steady electricity prices. This arrangement has enabled the steel mill to continue operating in Pueblo and make investments in its future, thereby supporting over 1,000 local jobs.