Apple's Maiden Data Center

Adopting Self-Generated Renewable Energy: A Game-Changer for Reducing Data Center’s Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

The Potential of On-site Energy Generation

demonstrated by Apple’s Maiden Data Center showcases the value of self-generation by providing cost certainty and decarbonization. Apple’s strategic choice exemplifies the trend amongst manufacturers and data center owners opting for energy independence by moving away from the grid.

Apple's Maiden Data Center Now Capitalizes On

20 MW of solar energy

is enough to power 60-100% of the data center’s energy needs, or 17,600 homes per year.

10 MW of biogas fuel cells

to secure a renewable baseload power to deliver power at all times of the day and serve as back-up in the case of a grid outage. 

Increased energy reliability and resilience

transitioning to Behind-The-Meter generation reduces reliance on unpredictable market conditions and enhances operational resilience, protecting against grid fluctuations and securing stable energy costs.