With R2X the Sun is Always Shining.

The Wind is Always Blowing.

And, Electricity is Always Flowing.

Global solar PV capacity is forecasted to almost triple over the 2022-2027 period, surpassing coal and becoming the largest source of power capacity in the world. This is the R2X feedstock.

This new global energy landscape feeds excess intermittent renewable resources into the distributed network of R2X plants, maintaining a constant and firm supply of power. 

This chart illustrates the opportunities for integrating surplus solar into the R2X platform for 24/7 clean electricity throughout California.

With R2X, the end of curtailment starts now.

With R2X, fossil gas and coal fired turbines are replaced with efficient super critical CO2 turbines, 100MW each.

R2X is built with proven and standard technologies, materials and processes.

Open Doors Management is organizing a transformative approach towards Systems Engineering and Integration based on thermal processes, exchangers and compressors; and, a proprietary 100MW turbine powered by fluid CO2 in a closed loop.

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