Gigawatt 1

One of the World’s Largest On-Site Solar Energy Projects

The Gigawatt 1 Project

showcases that the installation of self-supply energy assets is not just an environmental imperative but also a strategic business decision. Spearheaded by Switch in partnership with Capital Dynamics in Nevada, Gigawatt 1 is a groundbreaking example of how Behind-The-Meter generation through solar and battery storage lowers costs and increases energy certainty. 

Switch's Data Center Now Benefits From

555 MW / 800 MWh per year

enough to power the equivalent of 13,837 homes.


By investing up front for its energy-independence, Switch has secured a long-term low energy price.

Praise by Greenpeace

“Gigawatt 1 shows that when Switch and other leading companies don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, they can work together and kick open the door to large scale sources of renewable energy that are better for the planet”, Switch press release (see link below). 

Energy Self-Supply gives Cost-Certainty

By generating electricity on-site, Switch’s data center can significantly lower its energy costs, minimizing dependence on higher-cost grid power, especially during peak usage. In addition, private and public customers have joined the project, allowing them to buy surplus renewable energy for a highly competitive price.