Case Study: Gerdau Solar Project – Advancing Sustainable Manufacturing through Behind-the-Meter Solar Installation


As one of the largest Behind-The-Meter solar facilities in the United States, The Gerdau Solar Project in Midlothian, Texas serves as an exemplary model for industrial manufacturers considering the adoption of Behind-The-Meter generation.

Project Details

  • Location: Adjacent to the Gerdau Midlothian Steel Mill, Midlothian, Texas
  • Size: 700 acres
  • Capacity: 80 megawatts
  • Infrastructure: Over 231,000 solar panels

Collaboration and Agreements

  • Developed by: 174 Power Global (hotlink) and Gerdau Long Steel North America (hotlink)
  • Partnership: 20-year Power Purchase Agreement between Gerdau and 174 Power Global
  • Joint Venture: TotalEnergies and 174 Power Global

Benefits for Industrial Manufacturers

  1. Reduced Energy Costs: The Behind-The-Meter installation directly supplies power to the Midlothian steel mill, leading to significant reductions in energy expenses.
  2. Environmental Impact: The project offsets emissions equivalent to those of over 13,000 average Texas households, immensely contributing to corporate sustainability goals.
  3. Enhanced Energy Independence: Behind-The-Meter generation offers energy independence from the grid and the utility. Instead of price volatility, the off-grid solar installation will offer the Gerdau Midlothian Steel Mill price stability.


  • Construction Start: 2021
  • Expected Completion: Summer of 2023

Case Study Insights for Industrial Manufacturers

The Gerdau Solar Project illustrates the tangible benefits of Behind-The-Meter solar installations for industrial manufacturers. Not only does it showcase a successful integration of renewable energy into industrial operations, but it also emphasizes the economic and environmental advantages of such initiatives.

For manufacturers contemplating Behind-The-Meter installations, this case study serves as a compelling example of how embracing renewable energy can lead to cost savings, enhanced sustainability, and a strengthened corporate image. The Gerdau project stands as a testament to the feasibility and benefits of renewable energy transitions in the industrial sector.

Gerdau Press Release