We make it easy for landowners to find reliable energy developers.

A renewable energy developer will pay a lot more to harvest the sun than the market pays for a crop.

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Struggling With Your Land Income?

You can choose to do nothing and forgo the reliable stream of income
tie up your land for years with little or no income if you choose the wrong energy partner.


A proven plan for reliably increasing your land’s income for generations to come.

Our Plan

Is proven to work in three steps.


Land Assessment

Verify your land is suitable for renewable energy development.

Terms of the Lease

This is the most critical part of our service.  We’ll jointly propose lease terms in advance of finding the reliable developer.

Securing the Lease

The end result is an agreement meeting your expectations and one that a reliable developer can satisfy.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Faster, end-to-end service.
  • We know the renewable energy business inside and out.
  • Landowners get a reliable expert to negotiate with a developer.
  • Minimize financial and legal risk.
  • We are not a listing shop – we work with a landowner one on one to secure the best agreement.
  • Developers prefer to work with land experts like us.

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