Lane Sharman



With over 30 years in general consulting across a broad spectrum of business categories and technical trades, reach out to Lane to discuss your critical management, financial or technical needs.

During the era of the Coronavirus, employ Lane’s experience in virtual meetings and conferences. He has a team to implement remote management.

  • Virtual Meetings, Trade Shows and Webinars 80% 80%
  • Digital Marketing Including Mailchimp, WordPress and Eventbrite 60% 60%
  • Ecommerce including Stripe, Woo, Paypal, Waveapps, Data Analytics 80% 80%
  • Cloud Computing including Amazon Web Services, Google Applications, and Ragic for CRM and Data Modeling 90% 90%
  • Consulting including financial analysis, impact investing, water and power 70% 70%
  • International Liaison and Marketing in the EU 40% 40%

Recent Work

Community Choice Aggregation/Energy

In October 2011, Lane founded in San DIego the Community Choice Energy movement. He teamed up with Bill Powers and successfully launched the non-profit, the San Diego Energy District. A new non-profit, the Center for Community Energy, will focus on education and running a Community Choice program to achieve rapid decarbonization and local economic activity.
In 2019, the Energy Futures team produced 10 webinars.

Quantum Opportunity Fund

Lane provided fund startup services.

The Bluu Zone

Lane is assisting with this startup in a financial management capacity.